IBusiness is a 100% web-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software developed by XSoft.

IBusiness principle is based on the database uniqueness, with the idea of an information technology used by all the company professions (purchasing, sales, inventory, finance ...). This gives access to everybody, depending on its permission level, to the same information, without interface between different applications.

IBusiness proposes several revolutionary advantages compared to the other software of the same type, especially in terms of integration, cost, security and mobility, thanks to the use of the very last technologies.
Advantages Features Security Modules
IBusiness integrates into one single software the whole company functions. The same simple and intuitive interface is used in the different modules of IBusiness and ensures you an efficient and homogeneous way to work. IBusiness modules are intimately linked together, avoiding you redundant data manual input, very often source of mistake and unSolutionsiveness in the companies.

No installation is realized in your office, only an Internet browser is necessary to use IBusiness. The hardware and software maintenance, the backups and the updates are wholly managed at XSoft. Consequently there is no hidden cost as no servers, no application software, nor specialists are necessary on your side for IBusiness running. According to studies made by our customers, the total cost of IBusiness is from 50 to 75 % less than the one of a classical ERP system.

The security is one of XSoft priorities and IBusiness uses the very last technologies to satisfy at the highest level the three fundamental security criteria for the companies: secure connection, high availability and data backup.

Thanks to its native mobility oriented conception, you can access to IBusiness indifferently from your office or from an external place (home, travel). You can also access to IBusiness indifferently from a Windows, Linux or Mac OS X workstation and it runs on Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.